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Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolution Seminar Series

Everyone, regardless if affiliated with E&E, is welcome and encouraged to attend these seminars.

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. The Seminars for Fall 2022 will be hybrid.

Zoom webinar link:
Meeting ID: 955 3613 8257 / Meeting Password:  016760

For scheduling information contact Dr. Brooke Maslo:

Fall 2022 Seminars
Date Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title Host, Platform
Sept. 15

Dr. John Wiedenmann
Assistant Professor
Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey
Why aren't New England groundfish recovering despite more than two decades of management efforts?
(Promotion Seminar)

Dr. Siobain Duffy (Professor & Chair)
Sept. 22

Dr. Juan Bonachela
Assistant Professor
Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey
Going viral: understanding host-virus eco-evolutionary dynamics from the villain’s point of view
(Promotion Seminar)

Dr. Siobain Duffy (Professor & Chair)
Sept. 29

Chris Lepczyk
Professor of Wildlife Biology and Conservation, Auburn University
Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability
Michigan State University
“Ecology, Management, and Policy of Free-ranging Cats”

(Virtual Seminar)

Dr. Myla Aronson
Oct. 6

Dr. Lauren Toth
Resarch Physical Scientist
U.S. Geological Survey
St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center
“The past, present, and future of coral-reef growth in south Florida”

(Virtual Seminar)

Dr. Brooke Maslo
Oct. 13

Dr. Corina Tarnita
Professor and Director, Program in Environmental Studies
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Princeton University
"Self-organization and robustness across ecological and evolutionary scales"

(Virtual Seminar)

Dr. Juan Bonachela
Oct. 20

Adrian Castellanos
Data Manager
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

"Lions and tigers and deer, oh no!': Predicting mammal hosts for SARS-CoV-2"

Morgan Mark
Oct. 27

Lara Roman
Research Ecologist
Forest Service / Northern Research Station
U.S. Department of Agriculture
“Urban forests as inherited landscapes (or how an ecologist came to embrace history)”

(Virtual Seminar)

Dr. Jason Grabosky
Nov. 3

Sarah Hoy
Research Assistant Professor
College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Michigan Tech
"The causes and consequences of selective foraging behaviour: case studies from northern goshawks, moose and wolves"  

(Virtual Seminar)

Christian Crosby
Nov. 10

Dr. Jennifer Powers
University of Minnesota
College of Biological Sciences
"Regeneration in Tropical Dry Forests—From Seeds to Stands (+ A Bonus Dry Forest Travelogue!)"

2:00 pm in the Alampi Room in the DMCS Building - 71 Dudley Road

Joint Seminar:

The Department of Environmental Sciences
and The Department of Geography, and Rutgers Climate Institute

Nov. 17

Dr. Tobias Kukula
School of Marine Science & Policy
University of Delaware

"Hydrodynamic transport of marine debris: Why it matters for debris fate and ecological risk"

Isabelle Zoccolo
Dec. 1

Dr. Subhasis Giri
Assistant Research Professor
Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey
"Integration of field observation and Modeling to Improve Water Resources Management"

Program Membership Seminar)

Dr. Malin Pinsky
Dec. 8

Dr. Nikki Traylor-Knowles
Department of Marine Biology and Ecology
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
"Unlocking the mysteries of coral immunity"

Dr. Malin Pinsky

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