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Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolution

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Mission Statement

The Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program at Rutgers University aims to foster a diverse environment rich in critical thinking and open communication.  We are committed to mentoring the next generation of scientists to solve 21st century problems and be stewards to our planet.

About the Program

Ecology and Evolution at Rutgers has a long and distinguished history. The E&E graduate program includes approximately 80 faculty and 50 graduate students. The program faculty is comprised of roughly 25 professors who are members the undergraduate Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, the remaining members of the graduate program hail from other departments and campuses. The graduate program is interdisciplinary in nature and offers graduate education and training in microbial, plant, animal, and human ecology under the direction of outstanding faculty located at three campuses (New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden); two marine stations (in Tuckerton and Bivalve); and the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York.

Members of the faculty actively pursue research in conservation biology, ecosystem ecology, evolutionary biology, marine biology, microbial ecology, population and community ecology, population genetics, and restoration ecology.

Students may study toward either M.S. or Ph.D. degrees. An M.S. is not required to enter the Ph.D. program. The graduate program falls under the auspices the School of Graduate Studies from which the final degrees are conferred.

The Fall 2024 deadline for application submission to be considered for an internal fellowship is December 1, 2024. Learn more about the application process.

News and Announcements

Botany 2024

Grand Rapids, Michigan
July 15-19

ESA 2024

Long Beach California
August 4-9

Entomological 2024

Phoenix, Arizona
November 10-13

Trapping live red foxes at the Jersey Shore!

Chris Crosby, a Ph.D. student in the Maslo lab, along with Kathleen Kerwin, the Maslo lab Project Manager, and Ryan Schilling, an undergraduate within the DEENR major are currently live trapping red foxes along the New Jersey Shore. Dr. Maslo and Chris Crosby were featured in the Atlantic City Press. Read the article here: Rutgers Trapping Foxes Along Shore

E&E alumni and faculty research highlighted in JSTOR.

"Scientists Nicholas B. Pollock, Natalie Howe, Ivelisse Irizarry, Nicholas Lorusso, Ariel Kruger, Kurtis Himmler, and Lena Struwe suggest that longer-term “personal BioBlitzes” can be beneficial in combating “species blindness” and the lack of awareness of biodiversity, even in heavily urban areas."

In JSTOR Daily -

Congratulatory Highlights Fall 2023

EE grad program researchers written up in Martha’s Vineyard magazine - features oyster work at Haskin by Dave Bushek and Ximing Guo, plus E&E graduate program Alumni, Emma Green-Beach. Read the write-up in Martha’s Vineyard magazine here!


Graduate Program Seminars
E&E Graduate Program Seminars every Thursday during the fall and spring semesters at 4:00pm. This seminar series presents speakers invited from inside and outside Rutgers University to speak on the most current research being conducted in the fields of ecology and evolution. Check out the Program Seminars page for more info.

Graduate Student Seminars
Graduate student seminars are presented every Friday durng the fall and spring semesters at 4:00pm. These seminars are informal gatherings where graduate students present their current research and other topics of interest to their peers. Information on the 2023-24 seminars can be found on the Student Seminars page.

Fall 2023 - Entering Class

Francisca Ariantiningsih
Danielle Dyson
Lucien Fitzpatrick
Siyi Huang
Maxine Marvosa
Elyse Talley
Caleb Truscott
Kristin Warrington
Chase Wunder