Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolution Seminar Series

Everyone, regardless if affiliated with E&E, is welcome and encouraged to attend these seminars.

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in the Alampi Room of the Marine and Coastal Sciences Building on the G. H. Cook Campus. Refreshments are served at 3:40 p.m.

For scheduling information contact Dr.Malin Pinsky at

Fall 2016 Seminars
Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title

Sept. 22

Dr. Barbara Han
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
"Applications of machine learning for macroecology of zoonotic disease "

Program membership seminar


Ariel Kruger

Sept. 29

EcoGSA Eminent Ecologist

Dr. Marianne Krasny
Department of Natural Resources
Cornell University

"Civic Ecology: is there a place for community environmental stewardship?"

EcoGSA /
Amanda Sorensen

Oct. 6

Dr. Peter Rosenbaum
SUNY Oswego

"Conservation of the bog turtle (Glyptemys = Clemmys muhenbergii) in Western and Central New York State”

Joan Bennett

Oct. 13

Dr. Brooke Flammang
Federated Department of Biological Sciences

New Jersey Insitutute of Technology/Rutgers Newark

"Morphological and Functional Diversity among Fishes"

Program membership seminar

Henry John-Alder

Oct. 20

Dr. Jennifer Cherrier
CUNY Brooklyn

"The Green Horizon:  Can green infrastructure address runoff & climate change challenges?"

Christina Kaunzinger

Oct. 27

Dr. S.Tonia Hsieh
Temple University

Natalie Lemanski

Nov. 3

Dr. Subhasis Giri
Rutgers University

" Sustainable Raritan River Initiative".


Rick Lathrop

Nov. 10

250th Revolutionary Thinkers
Dr. Amy Tuininga
Montclair University

"A Revolution of Inclusion: Building Partnerships to Achieve Sustainability in Ecosystem Health, Public Health, and Corporate Triple Bottom Line"


Nov. 17

Dr. Anne Nielsen
Department of Entomology
Rutgers University
"Invasion Ecology of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: A Biological and Behavioral Perspective"

Program membership seminar

Olaf Jensen

Nov. 24



Dec. 1

Dr. Melinda Rostal

"A One Health Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of Emerging Infectious Diseases"

Jennifer Hoey and Amanda Sorensen

Dec. 8

Dr. Melissa Pespeni
University of Vermont

"From Sea to Shining Beetle:  Uncovering Mechanisms of Adaptation and Innovation"

Jennifer Hoey

Spring 2017 Seminars
Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title

Jan 26



Feb. 2

Dr. Christina Riehl
Princeton University

"Cheaters and Collaborators: The evolution of cooperative breeding in a tropical bird"

Behthanne Socolar

Feb. 9

Dr. Herman Pontzer - CANCELLED - Will be rescheduled fall 2017
Hunter College, City University of New York

"The Crown Joules: Energy, Ecology, and Evolution in Humans and other Primates"

Henry John-Alder

Feb. 16

Dr. Kimberly Russell
Rutgers University
"Making Lemonade: Using Managed Land Under Transmission Lines to Inform Wild Bee Conservation Efforts"

Program membership seminar

Julie Lockwood

Feb. 23

Dr. Emily Moberg
Rutgers University

Malin Pinsky

March 2

Dr. Susan Perkins
American Museum of Natural History

"Malaria’s Many Mates: The Diversity and Evolution of Haemosporidians"

Rita Grunberg

March 9

H. Resit Akcakaya
Stony Brook University

"Species extinctions under climate change: prediction, understanding, prevention"


Oliver Stringham

March 16

Spring Break


March 23

Dr. Jeremy Fox
University of Calgary

"The spatial hydra effect: that which does not kill metapopulations makes them stronger"

Peter Morin

March 30

Dr. Jeremy Draghi
Brooklyn College

"Causes and consequences of variation in evolvability."


Siobain Duffy

April 6

Dr. Sybil Gotsch
Franklin and Marshall College

"Withstanding drought: Ecological strategies of canopy epiphyte communities in a tropical montane region"


Erin Vogel

April 13

Dr. Tad Fukami
Stanford University

"Embracing historical contingency in community ecology: current status of the field and some insights from nectar microbes"

Michael Roswell

April 20

Dr. Elizabeth Alter
CUNY, York College

"Life at the extremes: evolutionary convergence in rapids-adapted fishes of the lower Congo River"

Malin Pinsky


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