Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences [Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program]

Ecology & Evolution Graduate Program Seminar Series

Everyone, regardless of whether you are affiliated with E&E, is welcome and encouraged to attend these seminars.

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in the Alampi Room of the Marine and Coastal Sciences Building on the G. H. Cook Campus. Refreshments are served at 3:40 p.m.

For scheduling information contact Dr.Malin Pinsky at malin.pinsky@


Fall 2014 Seminars
Date Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title Host
Sept. 11

Dr. Siobain Duffy
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
Rutgers University

"What they are vs what they do: the contribution of genomic architecture and ecology to long-term viral evolution "

This is Dr. Duffy's promotion seminar

Henry John-Alder

Sept. 18

Dr. Lyndon Estes
Princeton University

"The sustainability of agricultural expansion in the 21st century's hotspot of global change"

Rick Lathrop
Sept. 25

Dr. Romain Libbrecht
Rockefeller University

"Division of labor in insect societies: Genetic components and physiological regulation"

John-Alder and
Malin Pinsky

Oct. 2

Dr. Frank Gallagher
Department of Landscape Architecture
Rutgers University

"Brownfields to Green, the Easy Way"

This is Dr. Gallagher's membership seminar

Julie Lockwood
Oct. 9

Dr. Helen Fox
Director, Marine Science
World Wildlife Fund

"Solving the mystery of marine protected area (MPA) performance: linking governance, conservation, ecosystem services, and human well being"

Olaf Jensen
Oct. 16

Dr. Matthew Bolek
Oklahoma State University

"Unraveling a Gordian knot: Discovering the Biodiversity of Gordian Worms (Phylum, Nematomorpha)"

Sukhdeo Lab
Oct. 23

Dr. Dustin Brisson
University of Pennsylvannia

"Evolution and evolvability of antigenic variation"

Siobain Duffy
Oct. 30

Dr. Howard Rosenbaum
Wildlife Conservation Society

The Role of Genetics in Conservation"

Malin Pinsky
Nov. 6

Dr. Eric Wommack
University of Delaware

“Uncovering the biology of unknown viruses through metagenomics and nucleotide metabolism genes”

Siobain Duffy
Nov. 13

Dr. John Wiedenmann
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
Rutgers University

"Identifying effective strategies for sustainable fisheries management"

This is Dr. Wiedenmann's membership seminar

Julie Lockwood
Nov. 20 EcoGSA Eminent Ecologist
Dr. Barbara Block

Stanford University
Dec. 4

Dr. Nancy Knowlton
Smithsonian Institute

Malin Pinsky
Spring 2015 Seminars
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